The two-story Studio serves many purposes. The lower floor is a workshop studio with tools, a kitchen, tables, storage and restroom. The upper floor has a bedroom and bathroom and a large terrace that's been used for wedding dinners, group yoga or as office space. It has sweeping views of the orchard and [...]

El Manu


Set over a water stream, El Manu was originally a restaurant known for its great food and one of the first places to have electricity in the area leveraging hydroelectricity. The space has been preserved and includes teak floor harvested onsite within Selva Escondida, reptile statues in the flowing water beneath El Manu. [...]



They love to hang out in pairs under our tall royal palm trees near the house around sunset. Once you can recognized their sound, you will be able to spot them very easily.

Howler Monkeys


Howler monkeys live on our property. They travel around eating fruits and nuts from the trees. They travel in groups of 6 to 15 animals and during the right season pass through the trees near our house. Group males generally howl at dawn and dusk.



Selva Escondida is a rainforest property with many treasures paying homage to Mother Nature that can be explored to witness wildlife without having to drive anywhere or be in crowds.  Selva Escondida maintains a private trail system through the mountainous rainforest. The trails offer the chance to access the hidden jungle. Trails range as [...]

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