Project Description

Selva Escondida is a rainforest property with many treasures paying homage to Mother Nature that can be explored to witness wildlife without having to drive anywhere or be in crowds.  Selva Escondida maintains a private trail system through the mountainous rainforest. The trails offer the chance to access the hidden jungle. Trails range as follows:

  • Sunrise walk on concrete roads in flip flops with coffee for 15 minutes
  • Moderate hour hike up to a view
  • All-day advanced canyoning voyage with ropes and gear
  • Nocturnal midnight tour.

If this is something you’re interested in, contact us for pricing and plan to bring your CamelBak, good socks, hat, sunglasses, long pants and short sleeve that won’t catch on branches.

Our property manager guides groups through primary rainforest with old growth, waterfalls, every type of rainforest animal and ocean view through the canopy.

The best hiking shoes are rubber fireman boots that cost ~$15 at the local hardware store here in Costa Rica and Villa Chill also keeps a dozen extra boots. There’s no need to bring your Timberland boots or tennis shoes.

Hiking Selva Escondida is a great work out immersed in one of Earth’s prettiest paradises.