Selva Escondida is a gated property with internal roads, ocean views, legal ASADA water from an onsite spring. Currently the property has two private residences – Villa Chill and the original owner’s house at the end of the road.

The neighborhood of Escaleras has dozens of stunning multi-million dollar villas with stunning views.

Selva Escondida is well suited for a gated community with its trails through a private rainforest, mountain streams, green space, waterfalls in the rainy season – all overlooking the Pacific Ocean and minutes from surfing and dining.

The property has a teak plantation which is being harvested for sustainable development.

The property has many fruit trees including an orchard that offer opportunities to see the local wildlife and have fresh fruit.

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New international airport

Costa Rica has for years been in the planning phase of developing the Brunca Region International Airport located 45-minutes south of Selva Escondida next to the existing local airport Palmar Sur.

As of January 2018, the civil aviation authority has presented environmental studies to Costa Rica’s environmental agency SETENA and farms in the area are being acquired to build the runway.